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Coyote Followup

Coyote Update

There have been coyote's spotted throughout Jefferson County and with a few being seen in Woodlawn Park.But there have not been any reports of them doing anything other than passing through Woodlawn Park. They are simply becoming an unfortunate fact of nature.
I have been in contact with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. They recommended;
not leaving pet food outdoors,
keeping compost piles secured,
cleaning over flow food from under bird feeders,
and with small animals being coyote's natural prey, cats and small dogs can easily fall victim to a coyote if left unattended or allowed to run free.
Both Louisville Metro and Woodlawn Park do have leash laws. Coyote's generally do not interact with humans but that said if you happen to encounter one try scaring it away with loud noise. 

At this point the best thing we can do is to remain vigilant and follow the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife's recommendations.

Mayor Lewis



If you have a solicitor approach you wanting to sell you something (no matter how good the deal) DO NOT allow them in your home and ask to see thier  Woodlawn Park solicitor's permit. If they do not have one ask them to leave and then call Chief Heaton; 439-6545.

Prevent theft

Car - remove valuables

Metro Yard Waste Regulations

Yard waste collection outside theLouisville Metro Urban Service District

Effective January 1, 2015, yard waste set out for collection must be in one of the following containers: reusable bin, paper yard waste bag or compostable plastic bag meeting ASTM D6400 standards.

So what is the best way to handle your yard waste? Louisville's Waste Management District recommends citizens use the following methods for handling yard waste, in order of preference:

• Most Recommended: For a healthier, greener lawn utilize leaf mulch, grass clippings and trimmings by returning them to the turf system.

• Second Best: Place the yard waste in 20-40 gallon reusable containers with handles (old style trash cans) to reduce the need for continual purchase of single-use bags.(Each household is allowed upto to wheeled  trash contrainers for free. You can contact Industrial Disposal for details.)

• Next Best: Place yard waste in paper bags designed for yard waste collection

• Still Works: Place yard waste in compostable plastic bags that meet ASTM D6400 standards

• For large amounts: Reduce the volume by using a lawn mower or leaf shredder before putting them in a container or utilize seasonal drop-off centers for yard waste materials.

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