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Special Meeting


Please take notice on Monday, August 13, 2018, at the hour of 7:00 pm at 4327 Wingate Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207, the City of Woodlawn Park will hold a special meeting for the purpose of considering approval of the appointment of Lt. Todd Felty as Chief of Police and having discussion and vote thereon.


1. Call to Order;

2. Establish quorum;

3. Introduction of Lt. Todd Felty;

4. Discussion and vote of appointment of Lt. Todd Felty as Chief of Police, and

5. Adjournment.

Larry Lewis

History of Woodlawn Park


Once our area thundered with the sounds of horses' hooves. Crowds of people called their favorite horses on to victory. Our city of Woodlawn Park was the site of the world famous Woodlawn Race Course!

The earliest history of the area is rather vague. A Jefferson County land grants map shows the Woodlawn Park included in a grant to Col. William Christian, I.W. Blagg and William Bradley dated June 7, 1774; also, however, it has been said to have been given to a Col. Grey by the king of England. Col. Grey is said to have lost it by gambling.

The property later was purchased by several gentlemen, who started Woodlawn Race Course and the Woodlawn Association in 1858. They subscribed for a total of 50,000 in stock. The first Woodlawn races were held in the fall of 1859.


Fence & Building Permits

(Fence and Building Permits)
        Phone: 502-895-6620

Fencing FAQ's

Do I need a fence permit if I am replacing an existing fence?

Yes, per Section 2 Paragraph A, any person desiring to construct a fence, boundary or privacy area screen shall submit their request to the person responsible for issuing fence permits.

How do I know who that I submit a fence permit request to?

The WP newsletter, which is emailed monthly to the distribution list for the city and mailed once a year, (fall) lists the person identified for this process. The city website also provides the contact person. You can also contact the city at 895-6620 or the city clerk at 899-9749.

What happens if I neglect to get a permit and I have completed the fence project?

Per Section 4, you are in violation of the Ordinance and can be fined. Fines for uncontested violations are $25 for the 1st offense, $50 for the 2nd offense and all others are $100. Fines for contested violations are $75 for the 1st offense, $150 for the 2nd and all others are $300. Continuing violations shall be considered a separate offense for each day the violation continues following a Code Enforcement Board Order.

Steps for correcting the infraction:  

- Send a $10.00 check to the City of Woodlawn Park with a permit request and fence design drawing immediately to avoid being turned over to the Code Enforcement Board. Provided that the fence design is in compliance, the permit may be provided without further action.

- If the fence is not in compliance, a variance can be requested of the council at a regularly scheduled council meeting. It should be noted that the council has 30 days to review the request. If the variance is not granted, the matter is turned over to the Code Enforcement Board and the property owner is directed as to the modifications and allotted timeframe required to get the fence into compliance. If this timeframe passes without corrective action, fines are imposed.  

How long does it take to get a fence permit issued?

- Per Section 2, paragraph A, a fence permit will be issued within 30 days after receipt of the $10.00 fee, permit request, and concise fence drawing, and if it is determined that the request is in compliance with the provisions of the fence ordinance. The construction permit will be issued to the applicant and signed by both parties. A copy is kept for WP records.

- If the request is not in compliance with the provisions of the fence ordinance, the applicant will not be granted a permit.

What if the permit request is not granted because the design is not in compliance with the fence ordinance?

Per Section 2, Paragraph E, the applicant has the opportunity to submit their request in front of the council for a possible variance. The council will make a decision no later than the following council meeting.

What happens if I built a fence on an existing easement?

Per Section 2, Paragraph C, the fence will need to be removed immediately upon request of the city or owner of the easement.

What happens if I built a privacy fence with the posts, supports and braces on the outside of the fence ?

Per Section 2, Paragraph B, the fence is not in compliance with the provisions of the ordinance and the fence must be modified to be in compliance in order to avoid fines.

How long is a fence permit valid?

Per Section 2, Paragraph F, the permit is valid for 60 days and may be renewed for an additional 60 days.

Does the permit cover disputes over property boundaries?

No, the ordinance governs fence design only; boundary disputes must be resolved between the property owners.

When was the fence ordinance first adopted?

The first fence ordinance was adopted in 1976. A fee was established in 1981.The ordinance was subsequently amended to permit enforcement by the Code Enforcement Board.

Chief Heaton

Col Robert L. Heaton

Chief Heaton started his law enforcement career in 1968 with the Frankfort PD and in 1972 was hired by Jefferson County PD/ Louisville Metro PD. After retiring from Louisville Metro Chief Heaton began his service with the City of Woodlawn Park in 2005.

With a career that has spanned fifty years, Chief "Bob" Heaton has decided to call it a career. Please join me in thanking him for his many years of service (nearly 13 with Woodlawn Park) and wish him well as he starts a well deserved retirement and a new chapter in his life.

Recent Storm Debris

If you have tree debris from the recent storm, set it out on Monday for regular yard waste pickup (the driver will have to allow room for normal route pickup service.)

Please follow Industrial Disposal guidelines.

*All twigs, branches can be no more than 6" in diameter and should be tied in no longer than 3-4 foot bundles (DO NOT SET OUT LOOSE ITEMS),
all biodegradable bags, bundles, containers should not weight more than 30 pounds each. NO FENCING, LANDSCAPE TIMBERS OR DECKING.

Louisville Metro also offering drop off service.

Storm debris accepted through July 7 Residential debris only   Louisville, Ky.  (June 28, 2018) – Louisville Metro Public Works is providing free drop-off service for residential storm debris through next week at two locations. Eligible debris includes tree limbs and other compostable materials. No construction or demolition materials, shingles, municipal garbage or manmade materials will be accepted. Locations and schedules: Metro Waste Reduction Center, 636 Meriwether Avenue through July 7 Tuesday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Roads Division East District Center, 595 Hubbards Lane through July 6 Tues – Friday only, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. The free service is available to Jefferson County residents only. Contractors or persons for hire must pay according to the posted fee schedule. They are not included in the free service. To qualify for the free drop-off residents must present the attendant government issued identification verifying Jefferson County residency.

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